Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Bush Administration: A Constant Perveyor of Bad News

First and Primary Case in Point:
The war on Iraq has been a remarkable and unforgettable disaster. The Bush administration has used nothing but well-documented lies, distortions and misinformation to disguise an imperialistic scheme to dominate Middle East energy resources and to secure a permanent military presence in that part of the world at a horrible price. That price has been the irreversible deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis both civilian and military. The great crime of the Iraqi armies was to protect their country from foreign invasion and occupation. Along with this, of course, is the deaths of American soldiers deluded into thinking that they are involved in a noble cause. In addition, there is the invisible army of horribly and grievously wounded soldiers, who returned home to a government that has no real concern regarding their welfare. This war has made some unspeakably wealthy, but for the rest of the population it has seriously drained the economic resources and vitality of the country leaving use gaps in the so-called social safety net. Prospects for the future have been worsened by the current assault on the future of social security, Medicaid, Medicare and the complete lack of even the faintest resolve to deal with the remarkable crisis in health care in this country. The current situation in Iraq has proved that this arrogant use of power has become a total disaster as we watch terrorism rise and the worrisome beginnings of a horrendous civil war. The undeniable fact is that the leadership of this country does not care a wit for the welfare of the Iraqi people as long as the powerful can exert a strangle hold on energy resources. This is textbook behavior of an imperialist power.

Secondly, this administration has seriously and possibly irreversibly damaged the credibility of this nation in the world. To further exacerbate this situation, the military is now pressing for the insertion of both offensive and defensive weapons into space. Not only will this create a remarkable drain on the national economy, but will most likely initiate an arms race of the most dangerous kind.

Thirdly, administrative initiatives designed to protect corporate interests and further consolidate corporate power have come at the expense of the environment and economic livelihood of millions upon millions of Americans. If the middle class erodes any further, we will gravitate toward a society modeled after many in the South America with a society consisting of a very small minority of the very rich with most everyone else living literally from hand to mouth with shrinking wages, diminished pensions and abominable and very expensive health care.

How much more damage will have to be done, before the people realize the extent to which they have been duped.

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