Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dream of Salvation

And so it came to pass that
within a generation
Truth no longer was a whisper
but a flood of clarity,
pain was no longer shunned
but shared freely,
guns and all weapons of
bad intention or ill feeling
were melted down to their base metals
and fashioned into implements of healing,
all who were hungry
were fed,
all who feared
were reassured,
all who were pariahs
were brought into the human fold,
all who were filled with the bile of hatred
were cajoled with sweetness and caring,
all who suffered needlessly
from their own lack of faith in themselves
were shown the blazing light of true wisdom,
all who had hearts weighted by greed
freed themselves from the onerous weight of possessions,
all who loved ignorance
were exposed to the rapture and wonder of learning,
all who learned to usurp themselves and others with power,
recognized their own impotence,
all who were crippled and torn apart by disease
became aware of their true worth,
artists and lovers of knowledge and thought
were finally appreciated,
all without homes
found shelter in the heart of humanity,
all who were fractured
were made whole,
all who were obsessed by race or creed
were freed of their limitations,
all limited and pernicious ideas
fell to oblivion from their own weight,
all who would have become demagogues
found a life of true service,
all ideas born of avarice and rooted in war
were finally dead,
all embraced all.

And so it came to pass
that love indeed did conquer.

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