Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ode to a Nation of Sheep

The natural world is shrinking,
entire species are disappearing,
birds are losing their song,
the elephants are dying.

Glaciers are eroding,
liquid water found
at the north pole,
hurricanes more frequent,
storms more virulent,
the heavens turbulent,
the future uncertain.

Yet, we humm a tune
at the parking lot
exchanging schekles for trinkets
to make life seem more tangible.

The air, water soil poisoned,
from petrochemical cocktails
we exude like mishappen spiders
on the intricate web of progress.

We all join in on this new world dance
that is eviscerating the future,
the dance grows more frantic
as the prospects grow dimmer.

What will it take for us
to wake up from this perilous daydream
and weave a completely different ending.

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