Monday, February 21, 2022

Twenty-First Century America and Ominous Signs of the Future


The evidence around Donald Trump’s role in the attempted insurrection on the part of a band of apparently mindless supporters had become clear over the year following his defeat at the polls including plans that were being formulated to use the power of the federal government to actually confiscate “selected” voting machines throughout the country.

In spite of this the man is still free and not imprisoned for inciting and promoting an overthrow of a constitutionally-elected government. In spite of this, this man is still free to inject his poison into the body politic. In spite of this, this poorest excuse of a human being possessing neither insight nor intelligence is being courted as a candidate for the Presidential election of 2024.

Welcome to America of the 21st century prepared to return to the era of the robber barons. Welcome to America of the 21st century ready for the rebirth of Jim Crow on a national level no longer an isolated phenomenon where the banner of Ignorance and Stupidity is flown proudly from many quarters - where the idea of slave-holding is looked upon with a great deal of nostalgia.  

Welcome to America of the 21st century where the thriving and numerous members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) all armed and dangerous are retiring their white ghostly habits and are standing proudly and proclaiming their delusional ideas. These twisted conceptions are products of the kind of thinking where science is held in contempt; where experts are excoriated; where teaching is held captive to bankrupt notions; where truth becomes fiction; where lie becomes truth; where ethics is forsaken and injustice is lauded; where the rule of law becomes the enemy and evil is embraced as if it was the finest of nectars.

If this movement to a new kind of oblivion takes on the power to fashion public policy, the path to ultimate dissolution and chaos will become unavoidably clear. It is then that the Democratic Republic of the United States will no longer be extant, for in its place will reside a government based upon the crudest manifestation of mindless and reckless power. From its inception, a new era will be established where the common good will be undermined and the Big Lie of white supremacy will overshadow all else. In its appalling grasp, the truly intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful, and innovative thinkers will shrink from public life and ultimately emigrate to other places leaving behind utter blight and stagnation that will ineluctably bring with it desolation and a final descent into the abyss of darkness.

This country is faced with an inevitable choice of either sustaining and maintaining a country founded on Democracy and the Rule of Law or choosing the path as outlined above by siding with demagoguery and ruthless power.

This question must be asked – Are we as a people willing to make the kind of choice that will inevitably lead to the darkness and undermine the aspirations and efforts of the generations that have preceded us? Are we prepared to align ourselves with a kind of tyranny that by its nature will hold on to power by any means and that has little concern for the future? 

 That future holds no promise, for the great inherent flaw of fascism - in its newest of incarnations - is that it is unsustainable, for it demands a uniformity of thought, being and existence that can never be achieved except through untold brutality, intolerance, and a seeming endless litany of grief, suffering and horror. This future would be unbearable ending in a whirlwind of chaos and dissolution. There is no greater example of this then the rise and fall of Nazi Germany.

As a singular person, I, of course, do not have any impact on such a monumental societal choice. However, I can be mistaken. The path chosen may be significantly diverge from what I have outlined. It may eventually encompass the human and natural world as it actually is in all its wondrous diversity. It may align itself with what is true and abandon the false promises of lies and misconceptions. It may regain its appreciation of science and refocus its attention upon the existential threat of climate change. It may reassert the primacy of the common good. It may ultimately embrace all of humanity as we are all members of the same species. It may at some future time go beyond the constraints of delusional thinking and appreciate the wondrous aspects of existence within this magnificent universe. This is my fondest hope.

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