Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reason, Compassion and Intellect Absent in American Politics

On November 8, 2016 Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.  Although Hillary Clinton apparently received more populate votes, she lost the election as determined by electoral votes. 

During the campaign Trump demonstrated many characteristics that one would think would preclude him from any chance of winning this most powerful position within a pluralistic democratic system.  In my judgment, the preeminent cause for concern is a distinctly troubled mind and flawed intellect.  During the lengthy campaign, he demonstrated clear signs of paranoia and extreme narcissism and proved himself to be an unmistakable sociopath. 

He repeatedly showed himself to be exceedingly bigoted with clear disdain for people of color, for the disabled, for immigrants and especially hostile towards women.  In addition, his capacity to comprehend the complexities and nuances of foreign policy is questionable and of concern especially in regards to his open support for the use of torture and his apparent infatuation with alleged strongmen like Vladimir Putin of Russia.  One of the most troubling aspects of his intellect is his inability to recognize the worldwide threat posed by climate change that he has labeled as a hoax.  The reality of climate change could very well pose the most significant threat to humanity’s future.

These negative attributes were apparently not enough to dissuade tens of millions of people from choosing him to be President of the United States and to represent this nation within the family of nations   The shock waves of this electoral result still reverberate domestically and around the globe and will no doubt continue for years to come as he attempts to implement some of his extremist notions.

As a people, we should prepare ourselves for a social, economic and political climate of continual turmoil and unrest.  It would not be surprising to see once again the insidious face of war rising within our midst.  What else can we expect in a climate where reason, compassion and intellect have been successfully voted out.

During such times, our voices should not be muted.  To the contrary, we need to focus our attention on the resuscitation of reason, of compassion and intellect.  The opposition to fascism needs to be clear, determined and persistent; otherwise, we could risk a repetition of the darkest aspects of our collective past.

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