Sunday, April 10, 2016

To the Illusory World We So Adeptly Created

I live in a world
with its codified rules
its expectations neatly packaged
orchestrated songs whose melodies
i was taught to dance to
a proud product of social engineering.

Cities already built
wars already fought
with the foundation already in place
for those conflagrations destined to come.

I could be a soldier if necessity demands
expected to be a patriot always
inequality natural
bigotry acceptable under the right conditions
poverty always a possibility.

Taught to be subject to the whims of economics
instructed in the insatiable laws of commerce
always a consumer
forever a commodity.

Instructed in the many forms
endless nuances of the trivial
swimming in that endless polystyrene sea
where conformity abounds
exotic nature neatly packaged in
colorful and inviting travel brochures.

Love is tolerated within limits
while the powerful polish their swords
with the fire of hate in the
belly of oblivion.

Unhinged from the breath
blinded of the ability to see
divorced from the power of nature and
the very root of our beginnings.

Deluded into believing in this

Branded with the conviction that


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