Saturday, April 23, 2005

Why Peace is the Only Hope for the Future

The current situation on the planet is a bleak one. Wars and unnecessary violence are having not only an impact on the human population, but also are also decimating the natural ecology on which all life depends. Much of the economic resources of the world's populations are being expended and squandered on weaponry designed for warfare and destruction.

The so-called developed nations are contributing considerably to the world-wide mayhem by focusing much of their technologies on the development of sophisticated and deadly technological weapons that are very effective at mass annhilation. Weapons are made to be used, and the United States has certainly been a forerunner at using them.

Religious fundamentalism is on the rise world-wide. Much of this, in my judgment, is propelled by the fact that most of the world's peoples are members of an economic underclass, uneducated and purposefully mislead by those few who hold power.

A radical departure from the notion that violence will solve problems and right perceived wrongs is required if the species is to survive. Peace is the only real alternative to the current headlong rush into chaos if our descendents are to have a meaningful future.

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