Monday, April 03, 2023

Welcome to the Age of Idiocy

 As a people, we should collectively feel a great deal of sadness regarding the current state of our nation, the United States. This bold experiment in governance once filled with hope and promise has led us to our current abysmal condition after only some two hundred and thirty-four years. What we are experiencing is an inevitable consequence of all the historic decisions made along the way. Far too often in our past, we have chosen brutality over harmony, hatred and bigotry over tolerance and compassion, savagery over intellect, close-mindedness over generosity of spirit. We have enslaved an entire people and committed grievous acts against native populations in our own country and against peoples of other cultures around the world for our own material advancement. We are now paying a momentous price for these actions.

We live in a country sadly divided over so many fundament issues. A significant portion of the population is vehemently supporting an ex-President who has survived trials of impeachment twice, who attempted to engineer a coup so as to remain in power, and who is now facing indictments for a number of his illegal activities. This ex-President is obviously mentally-handicapped, possessed and consumed by his own megalomania that he clearly is incompetent to hold any position of leadership especially that of the presidency. And yet, so many see him as their “savior.” This pattern is all too alarmingly similar to pre-World War II Nazi Germany where Adolph Hitler’s followers ultimately went to their deaths in blind support of an individual who has since been diagnosed as a psychotic schizophrenic. Apparently, the cult of personality is very much alive and has taken root in the United States – a nation that has embraced private gun ownership with a vengeance and that has been proclaimed as a constitutional right by the United States Supreme Court.

The convergence of these historic forces is particularly troubling, for it may serve as an omen for disastrous things to come. It is not unimaginable that these stark differences within the national character can lead to violent and chaotic disruptions in the life of the nation, and tear at the very fabric of civilized society.

It is my hope that reason and intellect will finally prevail – that truth and the rule of law will gain an unmistakable ascendence over the forces of bigotry and repression.

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