Saturday, June 06, 2020

The Price We Pay for Incompetent, Bigoted and Divisive Leadership

The world looks upon us bewildered by the apparent and inexorable disintegration of the social contract that binds the people of the United States to the country they call their own. They are astounded and dumbfounded by the news that greets them on a daily basis that is surely eroding the respect and admiration they once had regarding a nation that used provide a brilliant example of a free, democratic, and forward-looking nation.

The evidence abounds as to the disastrous impact of a federal government under the leadership of a personality that lacks the intellectual capacity to grasp the complex issues that normally faces any vital and thriving nation in the modern era. A stunning example of the reality of this intellectual void is the manner in which he has dealt with the daunting coronavirus pandemic that is currently raging throughout the world. His inaction and serious missteps have been responsible for many unnecessary deaths and suffering that could have been readily avoided by simply listening to the advice coming from the scientific community that is absolutely necessary for dealing with this type of onslaught.

This warped and deranged President has necessarily attracted to his side those who apparently lack any degree of compassion, caring and underlying respect for the truth that are prerequisites for real leadership. The overarching philosophy of this inner-circle is one that embraces power, affluence, and unbridled wealth at the expense of all else including basic human and civil rights, the physical well-being of the general population as well as the health of the natural environment. Sadly, this destructive paradigm has also repelled those who have the necessary qualities to honestly and decisively respond to the current pandemic crisis and the endemic issue of racism that has haunted the nation for four hundred years.

Under his aegis the nation will continue to devolve into a state of existence that is essentially undemocratic and practically unsustainable. This is an extremely heavy price for all of us to pay.



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