Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Crisis in America – A Blunt Discourse

The Senate trial regarding President Trump’s impeachment will soon be underway. To any discerning citizen of the United States, his guilt in matters of his articles of impeachment, as presented by the House of Representatives, is quite clear. This is thoroughly reinforced by the fact that the Administration has refused to hand over any subpoenaed documents to the House in its deliberations and is now being joined by the Republican-led Senate that has, to date, refused to bring forth witnesses like James Bolton who has already volunteered to give testimony. This obstruction can only be explained by the fact that there is something significant to hide.

If the trial proceeds in this manner and in fact the charges against Trump are summarily dismissed, this will undoubtedly usher in a new political era. If this mendacious and disturbed personality is allowed to continue representing this nation and its people around the world and permitted to continue to undermine supposed American values as a Democratic Republic, we may as well concede that the American experiment in creating a government by and for the people has failed.

It would suggest that we are perfectly content having a thug in the White House without sufficient mental capacity to conduct the reasoned, intelligent and the law-abiding functioning of government. It seems that the gradual and ineluctable ascension of corporate power into the political arena is nearly complete as evidenced by the fact that important government agencies essential to the well-being of the people have been subsumed by purely corporate interests. Corruption in government has become blatant and may prove to be irreversible.

We currently have government subject to the arbitrary fiat of a tyrant whose ties to the white supremacist movement should be alarming in and of itself. We currently have a government that cares little for the future, for the health and longevity of the natural environment and for basic human rights. We need to take better care of our people – all of them – if we expect our descendants to live in an environment supportive of a meaningful existence.

The question remains – will we, as a people allow this sad progression of events to proceed without our collective voice being heard? If this reprehensible individual currently occupying the White House is permitted to remain in his position and, more importantly, chosen once again to be our President, then we are collaborators in our own demise as a free and democratic people.

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