Monday, May 06, 2019

The Profound Significance of the Prospect of the Re-election of Donald Trump as President of the United States

Should Americans decide to choose Donald Trump as their President at the poles in the coming election, the meaning of this choice will become abundantly clear. It would then become patently obvious that as a people we would have effectively and possibly irreversibly abandoned the democratic principles we claim to hold so dear. It would establish that we, as a people, are in agreement with the highly destructive and corrosive belief in white supremacy especially since his election directly followed the presidency of Barrack Obama, the nation’s first African-American to hold that office. This choice would be a clear rejection of the reality of the broad diversity of the American population and an overt refusal to acknowledge the all-inclusive character of American life that was a predominant aspect of Obama’s worldview. The re-election of Donald Trump would be a clear indication that racial prejudice, hatred and overt bigotry are attributes we aspire to.

Should Donald Trump once again become the nation’s leader, it would have effectively established once and for all the real character of the American people; for, the implications of such a choice are enormous and unavoidable. The character of this man made so disturbingly apparent over his years in office would have had the complete endorsement of the American people. Foremost among these are his transparent lack of any suggestion of an underlying moral compass. He has consistently shown himself to be an individual personally corrupt who overtly uses any means at his disposal to bend the will of others to suit his own personal ambitions. He is not adverse to using intimidation to get his way; to employing tactics of personal humiliation and character assassination to undermine those have the temerity of oppose him; to embrace the idea of torture as an acceptable methodology to apply to the supposed enemies of this country; to enlist the help of foreign nationals in achieving his own political ambitions; to consistently not only distort the truth but effectively use the lie to promote his own agenda and to repeatedly attempt to undermine the rule of law and disregard the separation of powers that is such a fundamental aspect of the US Constitution.

In effect the re-election of Donald Trump would, in my estimation, mark a turning point in this nation’s brief history. It would have established that we have effectively abandoned democratic principles and it would represent a profound corruption of the American spirit. To elect this particular individual to such an eminent status would be to condone corruption; to accept the lie as a legitimate tool of governance; to wholeheartedly embrace the idea of white supremacy and to open the door to an entire panoply of national policies rooted in ignorance (climate change treated as a hoax being a troubling example), anti-intellectual fervor, mindlessness, extreme partisanship and ultimately, tyrannical rule.

There is, in effect, a definitive fork in the road and it will effectively be our choice to make as to what path we ultimately take.

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