Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Delusional Mind in the Twenty-First Century

Faced with the ever-growing list of highly problematic issues that face humanity and its future prospects in the 21st century, there is the very human tendency to retreat into a state of consciousness that resides in a chronic delusional state of thinking. This state of being effectively not only obscures the real status of human existence in the modern era, but also creates in its stead a picture of the world that is filled with rich and vibrant color, luxurious and comforting textures and, most importantly, an enhanced image of self that speaks of grand and extravagant possibilities.

Modern humans have become so effectively isolated and separated from the natural world, that is the species origin, that we are thoroughly imbedded in a human-crafted environment that relies upon artificial and often fanciful constructs. The concepts imprinted within the thinking brain in such a state, reveal a universe where money and its accumulation consume much of human consciousness; where pleasure, comfort, convenience and personal happiness are regarded with so more importance than the very vitality and longevity of humans and other life forms on the planet; where many of the images that constantly impinge upon the human retina have their origins in completely artificial and contrived sources and are often quite meaningless in content.

The sum total of these influences has created a social order that is predicated upon a complex and interlaced set of delusional elements. As a result, modern humans move about their world in a near-constant state of distraction. In such a state, human behavior continues to unravel and undermine the future security and viability of the species. In such a state, pre-occupation with self and its shallow pursuits seem to subsume all other considerations.

Despite the ingenuity and richness of this delusional world, the real nature of existence remains unabetted. The future that awaits humanity is a natural consequence of all the choices we make and continue to make in the present time. To continue to ignore this reality is to effectively embrace what the future will necessarily bring.

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