Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Regarding Presidential Incompetence

As has become painfully obvious, choosing a candidate for high political office based solely upon ideological principles and not on the candidate's competence to hold such office, can have disastrous consequences.

Donald Trump seems incapable of intellectually grasping the complex nature of decision making that is an absolute requirement when attempting to resolve fundamental domestic and international issues that invariably face the President of the United States. This basic level of incompetence is further exacerbated by an apparent inability to distinguish the true nature of reality from imagined truth that conveniently conforms to ideologically-based constructs. This interpretation may help explain Trump’s seemingly inexhaustible distortion of truth and outrageous habit of spewing blatant falsehoods.

This deeply troubled individual has managed to alienate reasoned and principled individuals of prominence and position within his own administration. Over time, he has surrounded himself with sycophants that demonstrate a degree of loyalty that stretches the imagination. With an amazing lack of respect for and appreciation of the gravity of the office that he holds, Trump has quite single-handedly thrust the workings of government into a state of unrelenting chaos and the instability that naturally follows from such behavior.

This current state of government has alienated and angered our most important international allies and eroded domestic confidence in the national economy that is such an essential aspect of a thriving nation within the modern world.

This state of affairs is not representative of the worldview of a significant majority of American citizens but reflects the inner reality of a troubled mind. In essence, Trump is not to blame for he is a disturbed personality. The real issue that we need to confront is the fact that so many who have chosen him continue to remain loyal to him, and for that reason continue to endorse a worldview that remains out of the purview of reasoned and intelligent judgment.

This is a dangerous path that we are on.

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