Saturday, September 30, 2017

Regarding the Notion of White Supremacy

The current president of the United States is remarkably transparent in his affiliation with white supremacists and the enshrinement of the “ideals” of this movement.  It is this worldview that a disturbing number of Americans actually embrace and also explains the irrational and blinding hatred that so many felt towards the presidency of Barack Obama.

The movement embodied in white supremacy is particularly dangerous for it gives license and justification for true believers to indulge in violent acts of aggression when confronted by the reality of the absurdity of this worldview.  Beneath the self-righteous fa├žade of those who profess unwavering adherence to the white supremacist dogma lies a strong and compelling inner sense of inadequacy and personal failure.  This movement constantly reassures them that their personal plight can be blamed on the encroachment of inherently “inferior” non-whites into their lives.  They are, therefore, not to be held personally accountable for their choices.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that white supremacy, as embodied in fascism, is remarkably self-destructive on account of the preeminent loss of reason and the its tendency towards exceedingly violent behavior.  The fact that a significant number of individuals have aligned themselves with this ideology should be a cause of grave concern; for it is a path that necessarily leads to social chaos and disruption that stymies human progress.

If we truly wish to encourage the causes of peace and human harmony as a people, we need to wholeheartedly reject white supremacy in all of its manifestations.

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