Friday, June 02, 2017

A Day that May Mark a Turning Point

On June 1, 2017, the now defunct “leader of the free world” President Donald Trump of the United States made a momentous and unilateral decision.  It is a remarkably short-sighted, ill-informed and terribly ignorant decision to redraw US support in regards to the the Paris Climate Agreement regarding humanity’s effort to at least forestall the more drastic impact of climate change.  In my mind, it may very well prove to be a significant turning point in the direction that American politics will ultimately take.

He has single-handedly inspired the condemnation and wrath of many of world’s leaders as well as leadership of many of the world’s major cities including large major urban centers in the US.  He has also lost significant support from major corporations that obviously understand the full significance of such a horrendously stupid decision.  As a result, many of nation’s most populace states have chosen to vigorously pursue their own agendas in attempting to diminish the production of greenhouse gases.

The issue of climate change impacts all of the humanity in terms of its effect on the future viability of the human species on planet earth.  The issue of climate change is far larger and encompassing than any individual no matter how powerful he may consider himself to be.  It is stunningly ludicrous for a man such as Donald Trump so completely uneducated in the matter of science and so out of touch with the essential reality of human existence to take such an irresponsible course of action.  It is a decision representative of a deeply arrogant and shallow-minded person that should not have been placed in such a powerful position in the first place.  To me, it is an object lesson for the electorate on the basis for making important decisions at the polls – we need to elect intelligent leaders fully cognizant of the complexities of the essential issues that need reasoned and well-considered solutions.

I believe that this singular decision may represent the beginnings of the unraveling of an old and worn and inherently erroneous ideology that has as its core the protection of wealth and power at any cost.  Such a mindset is so monumentally irresponsible that it readily endorses a position that would even sacrifice the future for the immediate gratification of the few.

I am convinced that the opposition to this myopic way of thinking will greatly accelerate and eventually lead to a much-needed change in regards to the real value of appreciating and preserving our natural environment on this our only planet. 

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