Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Citizen’s Lament Continued

I am so tired of stupid government.  In regards to the Federal Government, we will soon be inundated with a wealth of stupidity and short-sightedness.  The Congress has long been corrupted by the monies and favors they receive from the corporate class through the armies of lobbyists that are their representatives.  Because of this alliance, the people’s representatives who are supposed to be the servants of all the people are instead the stooges for the powerful and are more than happy to craft legislation that favors wealth and obstruct policies that serve the causes of social and economic justice.  They really believe the American people are so abysmally stupid that we could be so easily misled by their patent mendacity.  They are so brazen as to obstruct sensible and intelligent policy that would provide meaningful health care for the people of this country while they depend on us to pay for their premier health coverage and absurdly generous pensions.  They pretend with such forced and shallow sincerity that they do their business for our benefit.  What we are left with is a draconian health care system that denies meaningful health coverage to tens of millions of individuals simply because they are unable to afford it.  The statistics on mortality related to income are quite clear in this regard.  They are quite literally killing us.  This is so utterly stupid because without a healthy population and one that feels secure in its access to health care; such policy condemns future generations to a life of insecurity and deprivation.  And for what – to guarantee outrageous profitability for the insurance companies who only want to insure healthy individuals.  Is this stupid or what?

I am so tired of stupid government.  The natural environment is in crisis in terms of climate change that threatens the future sustainability of human life on planet earth.  In spite of this, the idiots in position of leadership in the soon-to-be new administration in the Federal Government are in denial; some even claiming that is part of an elaborate hoax.  While they are mouthing this nonsense, the science and the data is clear.  For the Government to look askance at science in this the twenty-first century is so utterly stupid as to defy explanation.  Their motivation, however, is clear – to insure the profitability of oil and natural gas interests.  From this perspective, the earth itself be damned; future generations be damned. the survivability of thousands of species that are threatened be damned.  Is this stupid or what?

I am so tired of stupid government.  A government that will, most likely, ignore the ruinous and repeated outcomes of gun violence in this country and will probably encourage the mass ownership of weapons by all its citizens.  A government that wants to increase military spending at the expense of social welfare programs in the pursuit of economic hegemony in the world – making it all the more likely that we go to war once again for no good or justifiable reason.  A government that wants to make us see the world through a bigoted, self-destructive and narrow-minded vision.

I am so tired of stupid government that strives to undermine the wondrous diversity of our culture and replace it with a white-centric authoritarian and backward-looking model that urges its population to find scapegoats for the nation’s problems in peoples of color and diverse cultural backgrounds.  The underlying reason for this worldview is nothing more than to retain and enhance the inordinate wealth and power held by the few that is the primary explanation for why so many issues that plague the nation are allowed to fester.

I am so tired of stupid government and all the needless suffering that it will necessarily bring upon its citizens from short-sided and ridiculous policies designed to favor profit and wealth above all else.  Do we as a people really want to support this dangerous outlook; do we as a people really want to give credence to such remarkable stupidity and put our well-being and, more importantly, the well-being of our children at risk.  Are we that stupid?

It is, after all, love, compassion, intelligence, reason and generosity of spirit that is the best politics.

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