Friday, January 15, 2016

What is Family?

All families are different, yet they share a commonality that is a reflection of the state of humanity.  It is a topic that one can devote a prodigious amount of time and expend many pages in an attempt to comprehend this uniquely  human collection of individuals that share a genetic heritage.  One could also avoid the topic in its entirety with a recognition that it may well prove to be a wholly enigmatic topic impervious to any meaningful analysis.  I am prepared to pursue the former course.
Members of a family obviously share a certain commonality of genes with each individual carrying a unique set of genetic blueprints as a result of the fusion of genetic elements as contributed by both parents assuming, of course, that a “virgin birth” is a fiction.
The process of fertilization – bypassing any details regarding the underlying mechanics – ensures diversity in the vast majority of births with the exception of identical twins and even in this case differences abound.
Family is, in my judgment, a microcosm of humanity.  For within its realm lies the expression of all manner of individual consequences and manifestations – heightened intellect, the challenge of mental illness, success stories,  tragedy, untold riches, deprivation, illness, premature death, longevity.  All of it.

We are all bound together within the enigmatic circle of life.  We are as likely to escape our nature as we are to escape this planet that is our home. 

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