Thursday, November 05, 2015

Climate Change – An Urgent Call to Action

Climate Change – An Urgent Call to Action

Humanity does not seem to grasp the dim future that awaits the entire species if the dire warnings issued by climate scientists worldwide are not heeded regarding the absolute necessity to significantly diminish the burning of fossil fuels and thereby slow down the inexorable increase of the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Ironically, human families work diligently towards fashioning a better life for their children, grandchildren and future descendants, yet their focus has been tilted towards material success and enhanced prosperity.  These are important goals.  However, if this onward rush towards greater and greater prosperity is not tempered by reality, the insidious consequences of climate change will make a significant portion of the planet essentially uninhabitable and rising seas will inundate the habitats of hundreds of millions of human populations wreaking havoc upon centers of economic power where great stores of human wealth reside.  Under such circumstances, such wealth would immediately be rendered quite meaningless.

It is quite absurd at this juncture to argue the merits of the science or allow short-term economic interests to resist the necessity for immediate and significant action.  If we do not act quickly as a world community, our descendants will find themselves marooned on what would increasingly become a hostile planet.  Is this the kind of future we are working so assiduously towards?

Obfuscation and resistance serves no useful purpose – the longer we procrastinate the more impossible it will be to make meaningful corrections on this our spaceship earth.

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