Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Regarding Solitude

I have found that one of the primary benefits of spending time alone without all the distractions that our culture so masterfully provides for us, is the opportunity to come into close and intimate contact with the self.
When these moments come my way, I have observed that my brain has a tendency to review and analyze past or current events and situations.  If left undisciplined this conversation with self can become an insidious tape loop that invariably leads nowhere. 
However, when this “conversation” is allowed to run its course, then there is this wondrous chance to rediscover the essence of being.  It is here that I can get back in touch with what I am truly about.  By this I refer to reconnecting with what really motivates and inspires me and rediscovering the relationships that are significant and that anchor me securely to the present.

With that primary and fundamental understanding, I am free to act in the world in ways that allow me to remain true to myself.  I believe that this is the essence of personal integrity and genuine human freedom.  Without that, I would simply and quite pathetically be set adrift - susceptible and victimized by the ever-changing and capricious currents around me and all the dissonant voices constantly demanding my attention.

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