Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Personal Reflection

I have come to appreciate life as a wondrous, intricate and transient weaving tale that makes its way along the sweeping arrow of time.  Living is most appreciated when it is seen in its true simplicity – stripped of all the trivial garments that we so effectively cloak ourselves with.  Young children understand this exceedingly well before they are haunted and enticed by all the delicious attractions and trinkets that are manifestations of what we have come to regard as goals worth attaining.

The sum total of all the accomplishments that I may ascribe to myself as just rewards for my own energy and ceaseless ambition during my lifetime will ultimately lose their relevance when I am dead.

In my judgment, the fundamental responsibility of living is to savor the richness of every moment whether it brings joy or pain, happiness or suffering, darkness or enlightenment.  Breath in, breath out.  The miraculous beating of the heart.  The timelessness of love and the intimacy of friendship.  The remarkable diversity of life and the extraordinary nature of the human population.  There lives a joy entwined within the unadulterated appreciation of being.  Most of the adornments that we carry about with us and that exert a significant burden are not as necessary as we have come to believe.

Within the center of human psyche – that place where incipient dreams reside – this significant and remarkably simple truth is completely understood.  It is at that center where true calmness and peace of mind reside.  The exigencies of life cannot extinguish that fundamental aspect of nature no matter how oppressive they may seem at times.    

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