Sunday, March 02, 2014

A Fundamental Truth

I have come to recognize a fundamental truth that underlies existence.  To me this truth, is surprising in its simplicity and yet appears to encompass all of life and experience.  The truth that I am referring to is this – Beneath all the drama that fills the details of living, underlying the swarm of ideas, convictions and beliefs that permeate consciousness and direct the course of living, beyond the veil of suffering, of love, of passion and joy that sculptures our understanding and sustain us, we are flawed and finite beings of short duration impaled upon the irascible arrow of time and destined to reenter the swirling chaos of matter and energy from which we came within the fabric of a vast and wondrous universe.

This truth does not require the existence of any transcendent force or being to make sense out of what does not require explanation other than the simple and cataclysmic nature of existence.  Within the fabric of this reality, fear has no place, for the concern with which we may choose to overlay the movement of the present and regardless of the energy we choose to direct in an attempt to impose order upon the unfolding of the future has no consequence.  Arrogance and vanity are no substitutes for truth.
Collectively, we are not the object of special creation – there is, after all, no tangible evidence to suggest this.  Quite to the contrary, our characteristics, behavior, appearance etc. are completely compatible with our place within the evolutionary trajectory for our species. 

Introducing a fantastic all-powerful being into the equation explains nothing.  Quite to the contrary, it does more to confuse and obfuscate a more reasonable explanation.  If the species that currently dominates planet earth and is busy unraveling the delicate balances that sustain the wondrous and complex diversity and interrelationships ultimately fails to sustain its own viability, this outcome is an entirely predictable product of the flaws inherent in the human neuronal architecture and not a result of lack of divine intervention or neglect.     

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