Friday, September 21, 2012

Excerpt from the, "Caravan of Dream."

Caravan of Dreams


So many hearts,

suspended upon

this aching rift of time.


We move about

on islands of past remembrances

embrace within the shadows of

desire and loss

longing for love

hoping for reprieve.


Our stories

though separate

are somehow the same,

our feelings though genuine

rise up from the same creation.


Seeds from the same fruit

carried upon the eternal wind

born of cosmic stellar dust

hurtling through icey

expanses of silence and void.


We long for completion,

ache for wisdom and

ride the currents with

hope in our bosom,

dreams in our back pocket,

transient vagabonds.


Yet, the spidery arms of


will finally catch us,

ultimate reality within this

caravan of dreams.

As a writer, I pluck from this caravan the essence of all my characters.  For me, they represent the essence of humanity and are the reflections of the panorama of human experience.  The conclusions they reach about living and the actions they take while moving through their own particular time are all legitimate in their own right.  They all part of this wondrous caravan of dreams.  It is here where fiction merges with reality.  

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