Sunday, January 22, 2012

Listening to the Debates of Republican Contenders for the Presidential Nomination

Ever since the first black man was elected to the highest political office in the country, he has been subjected to a remarkable degree of political hyperbole and vitriolic attacks designed to impugn not only his policies, but his character as well.  These attacks originate not only from prejudiced and highly ignorant individuals and the right wing media, capitalizing on this kind of hatred, but also by his opponents in Congress.  They have continually portrayed him as an enemy and essentially inimical to so-called "American values."  Using this kind of language, they have attempted to thwart his efforts in every conceivable manner often using political blackmail.  In this way, many of the endemic problems that face American society have been left to fester.

The real character of the opposition has been made abundantly clear by the nature of the debates now being aired as the aspirants to the Presidential office from the Republican Party challenge their adversaries for the nomination.  The language of these debates have been mean-spirited, ugly, unflattering and filled with vilest of accusations and rhetoric designed to appeal to ignorance and bigotry.  Those among the aspiring group who have chosen to use reasoned argument to make their respective cases have been effectively silenced as the front runners attempt to appeal to what has become the radical, right wing base of the Republican Party.

It is a troubling time in which many people live in fear and apprehension regarding their future as a direct result of the onslaught of the so-called "Great Recession."  It is at such times that reasoned judgment and a cooperative effort to face and resolve acute national problems are the attributes most required. 

I am not looking forward to many months of polemical language filled with hateful speech that is destined to fill the airways until the November elections.  What we do not need as a people is the further polarization that will be the inevitable outcome of this kind of dialog.  Furthermore, it would be most distressing if one of the underlying reasons for this intensely negative environment is, in reality, racial hatred and bigotry.  

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