Friday, October 21, 2011

Humans - A Reliably Barbaric Species

Moammar Gadhafi is dead, and many people in this country and Libya rejoice over his violent end.  President Obama and the majority of people in the United States seem to take pride in our contribution to his end.  The nation lauds the allegedly marvelous technology that has produced unmanned killer drones that have so precisely targeted our enemies and whatever "collateral damage" is deemed acceptable.


As a people, we project the delusional concept that individuals like Gadhafi are not, in fact, human beings; that such personalities represent resident evil; that all the slaughter, mayhem and death perpetrated by ourselves from great distances and apparently immune from retaliation are perfectly justified.


We presume that the violent end to such individuals as Gadhafi will curtail evil and somehow exonerate our own barbaric behavior.  Gadhafi died the way he lived, and such an end was not unexpected.  Yet, this nation is not immune to the damage done to our collective psyche by our continued indifference to the horrendous suffering we have and do inflict on the many of the world's people, especially the most vulnerable, so that we may continue to live in the manner we are accustomed.


Barbarism is still very much alive in the human spirit.  The unassailable truth of this is readily apparent in the depth and scope of the willingness of peoples throughout the world to inflict great harm, needless suffering and avoidable death on those who are collectively viewed as enemy.  What transformation is required to release us from this insidious darkness?  

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