Monday, September 05, 2011

Ode to a Nation in Purposeful Decline

We are currently within the second decade of the twentieth century, yet this nation is poised to enter into the abyss created in large part by greed and an unfettered belief in the advancement of the individual regardless of its impact on the greater good.  Any functioning and sane society recognizes the absolute need for the existence of a viable commons – public institutions that collectively ensure universal access to adequate health care, affordable shelter, appropriate nutrition, reasonable security from outside threat and unforeseen disasters, well-cared for children and the elderly and a sustainable natural environment with clean air, water and an essential diversity of living things.


Without such basic guarantees, the current stratification of society that is skewed towards wealth and power will only worsen.  It seems that as a nation, we are incapable of taking care of our own.  It seems that as a nation, we oppose the sensible application of science and distrust the scientific method to the extent that even the most rudimentary actions required to maintain a sustainable natural environment for the species in the near future are summarily rejected.


As a nation, we seem unwilling and unable to incorporate progressive values within the national politick.  Instead, there seems to be a tendency to rush headlong into the mistaken policies of the past that will accelerate the decline of the well being and economic status of an overwhelming majority of Americans.  Such a direction the nation cannot afford.  

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