Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Fragility of Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is such a fragile and unfinished aspect of human life – it can so easily run out of control, directed by unruly and irrational emotions.  In my own particular instance, it has taken a good portion of my lifetime to recognize this significant piece of reality regarding the human condition.  I suspect that it will take the remainder of my existence to learn how to more completely utilize my full potential for reasoned judgment based upon a true love and compassion for all living things that embrace this most wondrous planet.

Within the arena of politics and social and foreign policies, it is far too easy to adorn oneself with the mantle of righteousness and jump to often erroneous conclusions concerning the moral and ethical character of the political opposition.  At the core of the most strident and powerful emotions, the ego is a very important player.  In my estimation, it is essential to recognize the significance of those inner forces shaped by personality, experience and genetic predisposition that often shape an individual's worldview, judgment and ultimate behavior.

An important first step in controlling volatile emotions is to understand their origins – in other words, it is a matter of the first priority to "know thyself."  Whenever aggression becomes a tool for social action, the possibility of implementing meaningful change diminishes; furthermore, this approach often proves counterproductive.

Whether or not the human species has the wherewithal to thoroughly recognize its own imperfections, actively work toward overcoming them and effectively move towards a truly just and peaceful world is an open question. 

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