Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Regrading the Race for the Senator of Massachusetts

The race for the Senator of Massachusetts has come and gone. The results are being analyzed and debated ad nauseum. The conclusions reached by those who really believe they have true insights into the subtle and convoluted nature of events, never really touch on the underlying truths that explain the stark political reality of our collective experience within our floundering culture. Those who presume to explain to us the nature of events, see only tawdry and inconsequential, for reality is far more foreboding.

We are constantly being manipulated not by the news of events, but rather by the way we are expected to interpret what is happening. The fundamental problems that lie at the core of the current dilemma are to be avoided at all cost. Instead, we are encouraged to throw ourselves headlong into the vortex of empty-headed logic and overblown conclusions.

We are a people extremely out of balance; we seem to be unable to do what is best for our future generations. Our economic and political systems are essentially bankrupt - based on the premise that the individual is supreme and that profit is the essential guiding principle for behavior. Without major overhaul on our perceptions and worldview, we can only expect that our prospects will worsen. Are we prepared to live in a society where a majority of our people will have inadequate health care, education, nutrition and meaningful employment? Can such a culture thrive and prosper? I suppose history will be the ultimate judge.

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