Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Summer Commentaries

The incessant rhythm of the ocean is reminiscent of the
beginnings of life and the
relentless beauty of the human heart.
The seemingly limitless ocean
vast and mysterious
is a wondrous organism
whose vitality is a measure of the
planet’s well being.

As i watch a pair of twin white butterflies
cavort among the daisies and a
hummingbird defy gravity with
lusty and diaphanous wings,
i realize that summer has taken hold of me.

I am prepared for such sweet surrender

Gliding through shallow inlets on
lake washington near the arboretum
in our steadfast canoe,
we chance upon a
great blue heron in all his
majestic stature and
magnificent indifference to our
uninvited appearance.

An eagle, an osprey
circling majestically overhead
lifted by the exuberant summer air,

soothed by such delights,
we imbibe the present like the
inhabitants we were meant to be.

Madronna -
gnarled aching branches
sheds its orange filamentous coat
like a desert snake,
revealing its hardwood resilience.

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