Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Real Face of American Politics Reveals Itself Once Again

Once again, we can readily see through the evolution of the so-called Health Care Reform Legislation the forces that actually drive American Politics. The Lobbyists who dutifully represent the Health Care Insurance Industry and the wealthy are, once again, reaping the rewards for the largesse that they readily bestow upon legislators who vote on their behalf.

It is quite amazing how rapidly increased taxation on the very wealthy as a partial solution to financing health care reform was dropped from the agenda. It seems that this class that holds a vastly disproportionate share of the nation’s wealth does not have any obligation to actually contribute financially to a solution that would be an immeasurable benefit to all Americans. When it comes to reducing the tax burden of those who can easily afford higher taxes, however, the Congress has demonstrated on many occasions just how prepared they are to do so.

It is equally astonishing how quickly the inclusion of a public option as an integral part of the proposed health care reform legislation was also eliminated from consideration.

It does not require a remarkable stretch of the imagination to understand how these policy reversals occur. This represents the same old story. Our society and culture has devolved into one in which the primary concern for all human endeavor can be distilled into one powerful concept- profit. We seem to be more than willing to allow millions of men, women and children to continue to suffer needlessly on account of the fact the health insurance industry is not in the slightest way interested in the public health or the public good. It is a thriving industry built upon a failed and destitute public health system.

This is an outrageous situation and is, essentially, morally reprehensible. In my mind the Congress is primarily responsible. The American people also share the responsibility for being so easily swayed by fallacious arguments and not standing up for what they absolutely require.

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