Sunday, January 25, 2009

Open Letter to the Israeli Government

To Whomever It May Concern

I am writing this more as a member of the human race than as a citizen of the United States, for my country has been guilty of many crimes against humanity. I am outraged by the Isreali government’s conduct of the so-called war against terror in Gaza. The amount of human suffering that the Gazans have had to endure as a result of the unfettered use of technological weapons of mass destruction that they had no way of protecting themselves against is beyond belief. I’m sure that you are well aware of the extent of this destruction, but I will enumerate the details nonetheless:

•Over 1300 Gazans killed including over 300 children
•Some 50,000 people made homeless
•The use of guided missiles, tank shells and even white phosphorus weapons against, individual homes, hospitals, mosques and industrial areas resulting in a staggering humanitarian crisis with evidence of raw sewage flowing into residential areas
•The intentional blockade of Gaza depriving the population of adequate food, fresh war, medicines and electricity. This practice has been in place for the last eighteen months
•The overall and intentional destruction of substantial parts of the infrastructure that is such a necessary component of communal living.

I am equally amazed at your government’s feeble attempts to justify this behavior. There has been considerable criticism of former President Jimmy Carter’s characterization of the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinians residing in the occupied territories as being reminiscent of the system of Apartheid as practiced by the former white regime of South Africa; it is obvious that this is an accurate description. It is also a well-known fact that the Israeli government had a close relationship with the Apartheid regime, especially with regards to matters of internal security. Israel has sought to contain, control, suppress and isolate the occupied Palestinian territories, and thereby create ghettos. The most poignant aspect of this policy is that it is very reminiscent of the tactics used by the Nazis during World War II, especially the use of such brutal collective punishment as has been amply demonstrated in Gaza.

It is obvious to me that the real motivation of the attack upon Gaza (analogous to putting an entire population into a cage and than bombing that corralled population into submission) was to demonstrate that there are no limits to the government’s brutality and to leave behind immense devastation so as to incapacitate the entire population for years to come.

The fact that the Israeli army could withdraw from the conflict without the government showing any concern for what has occurred, without making any attempts at reparations and continuing the blockade is beyond comprehension. If this is the chosen method that is used to maintain peace than it is an empty peace that will haunt the people of Israel for many years.

Hamas is, of course, not blameless in matters of violence and aggression, but the Palestinian people are defenseless against such overwhelming and brutalizing power. In my judgment, if the Israeli people are to ever experience genuine peace; if they are ever to be freed of terror, the Israeli government must end its horrific occupation of the Palestinian territories and allow the Palestinian people to find their own way as an independent state in the community of nations. The people of Israel can not reasonably expect to continue the armed suppression of millions of human beings without consequences. History is certainly clear on this point.

Thank you

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