Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Election Cycle

Political fervor inundates the media,
a whirlwind of ideas and
not so elegant accusations
penetrate the airwaves,
we are prompted to respond to
fear and prejudice
like automated thoughtless machines.

Politicians lie at the
breast of ignorance
sucking every drop of nectar
from the boundless
reservoir of emotion.

We have become an illustrious mirror
to the insanity of our times,
it is a magnificent circus,
a grand illusion.

It is of little consequence for
we are but one protoplasmic component
within the intricate web of life
on this verdant planet.

We live and die within a
paltry span of years,
an infinitesimal speck in the
flow of cosmic time.

Generations will come and go
to leave barely a trace and
some idle footprints in the
magnificent movement of the universe.

Transient passengers
too easily distracted
from the exquisite dance of the living.

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