Monday, October 15, 2007

Announcement: The Seattle Institute of Peace Studies (SIPS)

My colleague, Mohan Venkataramana and I are in the process of launching an innovative non-profit initiative to foster peace and community harmony. The organization is called “Seattle Institute of Peace Studies” (SIPS) and is dedicated to educating and creating community awareness on issues relating to peace and non-violence. The range of programs we have planned includes courses, workshops, seminars, invited guest lectures, and other programs targeting a variety of audiences from the general public to K-12 children.

Given the extreme challenges we face today in society from terrorism and global conflict and their deleterious effects both economically and psychologically, we believe that a concerted action to foster understanding of the core issues and help evolve a rational response to these challenges in a non violent manner is the critical need of the hour. We strongly believe that our innovative programs and offerings will help individuals gain a better appreciation of the daunting issues that we face and develop ways to respond to these challenges.

We are at the stage in development where the concept and the logistics of our organization have been defined. Our website, includes the scope of the programs we are planning. Based on the preliminary surveys and research we have done, we believe that this effort will contribute significantly to community harmony and will be appreciated by the Seattle public as well as create a national audience.

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