Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Statement from a Disillusioned Democrat

I have been a Democrat for my entire adult life, yet I am beginning to despair of the political process for the following reasons (I will be brief):

• We have an administration that is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity; that has violated areas of the Constitution vital to basic civil rights and continues to ignore the needs and desires of the American people, yet remains somehow strangely immune from the prospects of impeachment
• We are collectively as a people responsible for the destruction of an entire sovereign nation as a result of over fifteen years of extremist policies and the needless death and suffering of hundreds of hundreds of thousands of human beings, yet the madness continues with the prospect of enflaming the entire Middle East (witness Iran, Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, Pakistan and possibly Turkey).
• Our national representatives in the House and the Senate are essentially dependent upon the largesse provided by special interests and act accordingly, essentially ignoring the basic needs of the people including universal health care, a living wage, correcting a system of taxation that is extremely skewed towards the rich and powerful, protecting Social Security etc.
• Humanity faces the prospects of a cataclysmic environmental crisis, yet this nation continues to pursue global policies with goals encompassing the narrowest of supposed self interest that, in fact, run counter to leaving a viable planet for future generations.

We are a nation and a world in crisis, yet as a people we continue to live within the domain of a highly fictional reality.

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