Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here We Go Again!!!

Senator Harry Reid declared his support for a troop increase depended on its being linked to an overall withdrawal plan. “We have to change course in Iraq,” he said on the ABC News program This Week. The Senator also went on to say that the Democrat would, “give the military anything they want.”

After voters had made their views regarding Iraq unmistakably clear and transferred power of both houses of Congress to the Democrats, the winners are prepared to give this incompetent President, with a dangerously flawed intellect, what he wants in terms of troop increases in Iraq even before he requests it.

The proposition that increasing troop strengths, i.e. occupation forces, in Iraq will increase stability in a country that has already been horribly fractured and essentially destroyed by American military power and arrogance, is so patently absurd that it is enough to make one lose faith entirely in a political system that is remarkably obtuse when it comes to serving the American people and working in their best interests.

Increased troop levels will only increase the level of violence and catapult more and more Iraqis into the welcoming arms of the insurgency. Even Colin Powell has recognized that Iraq is in the midst of a civil war. Ethnic cleansing has already instigated mass migrations of Sunnis and Shiites into areas where they feel they can operate more securely.

There has been no meaningful reconstruction of this forsaken country (whose destruction falls fully within the realm of American responsibility), only destruction. The debate in the nation’s capitol remains focused around “winning vs. losing” in Iraq. The question remains to be asked, “What exactly do we intend to win?” In reality, there is nothing to win. The national leadership has already achieved what it sought in the first place: a permanent military presence, a center of secret operations in the region through its embassy complex and control of the oil resources. The security of the Iraqi people was never a real concern in the first place. If such a concern existed, events would not have unfolded as they have. The real fear of the powerful is that these trophies of aggression may be ultimately lost as a result of the political chaos: it is this that they wish to contain. It seems that the Democratic leadership is of the same mind.

If this is, in fact, the case, then the American public must make it clear that this course of action is not acceptable. If there is any moral fiber remaining in the character of this country and its people, than there is only one legitimate course of action: a significant downscaling of American military presence followed by a genuine effort to give the nation back the infrastructure they once enjoyed i.e. clean water, sewage treatment, reliable electricity, adequate health care, passable roads etc.

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