Friday, October 13, 2006

The Gift of Creating and Sustaining Enemies

We, as a people, are spiritually eviscerated whose human nature has been thoroughly subsumed by greed and the hysterical pursuit of individual “happiness.” The idea of happiness has been mutilated by material desires and meaningless pursuits. We have become a people mesmerized by hollow representations of ourselves so masterfully projected through the messages that we are relentlessly inundated by. These messages shape the very image we have of ourselves both in the physical form of the body and more insidiously in the way we think.

We, as a people, are fed such a steady diet of misinformation and overt lies that we no longer regard either our own capacity for reasoned and informed judgment or the pursuit of the truth as having any intrinsic value. It is for this reason that we can be so easily led by charlatans.

Our government is so steeped in corruption that malfeasance has, indeed, become regarded as the norm. The usurpation of daily life by corporate interests is now nearly complete. In this environment, humans whether domestic or foreign in origin, are seen merely as units of consumption: readily replaceable and of little value outside the confines of the marketplace.

In such an essentially oppressive environment, enemies from both within and without are a necessary and fundamental ingredient. For with the perpetual image of an inimical opponent, decidedly less than human and determined to destroy us and “our way of life,” ordinary citizens can be kept constantly distracted and off balance. It is imperative within our current social order that fear be nurtured and cultivated so that the overtly authoritarian behavior of a police state be not only tolerated but also welcomed.

And so we see as the formidable visage of the evil Osama begins to fade from persistent memory, a replacement is required. How interesting that the image of Kim Il-sung now comes into such sharp focus as the government, with the indispensable help of the media, begins to shape such a formidable and horrendous demon for the American people to hate and fear. If emotions are stirred too briskly, war may be the inevitable outcome.

This game of domination and empire is certainly not a new one, but it has become increasingly more deadly in the modern age. Such ominous dreams of empire are bound to fail; because, they can not be sustained for any extended length of time. It is a dangerous game that requires meaningful opposition to contain it.

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