Friday, November 18, 2005

A Progressive's Dream

In my more optimistic moments, I dream of such a major reformation of this country that:

All people are respected regardless of their race, religion, political beliefs, economic status or sexual orientation.

There is a concerted effort to bring social justice to the top of the political agenda so that no one goes without adequate health care; no one goes hungry; no one is homeless and no one feels the pain and agony of mindless prejudice.

Prisons are no longer places of blind vengeful punishment, populated essentially by the poor, but are transformed to actually help those inside find a more meaningful way to live.

Those belonging to the affluent class begin to recognize that they need to share their wealth and take responsibility for being stewards of the environment on this fragile biosphere on which we all so depend.

All people embrace diversity and shed narrow provincial views about life that severely limit themselves and those around them.

All people recognize that life is tenuous and that it is essential to leave for our descendents a world that is rich in life and environmentally sound.

All people are as affected by the deaths that are a direct result of American actions as they are when one of our own perishes at the hands of hapless violence.

All people will no longer tolerate the atrocities committed by those in government, who supposedly act in our name and in our behalf.

Hope does, after all, spring eternal.

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