Friday, October 07, 2005

The Notable Accomplishments of the Bush Presidency

The following is a relatively short list of the sizeable accomplishments of the Bush presidency:

The brilliantly engineered conversion of the sovereign state of Iraq into a full-fledged terrorist state bordering on the abyss of all out civil war

The revolutionary transformation of a budget surplus into a staggering budget deficit

The steady rise in poverty, hunger and homelessness in America

The well orchestrated transfer of wealth from the vast majority of Americans to the affluent class

The transfer of huge amounts of public wealth and resources into private hands

The steady diminution of environmental safety and standards

The incorporation of unsavory and illegal practices in the everyday business of government to the extent that it has become a high art

The institution of brutal methods of torture and intimidation in the practices of the military in the name of the war on terror

The often explicit support of extremist fundamentalist christian views in government pronouncements and policies

A unabashed quest for empire that has left much of the world fearful of America and its people

The steady militarization of American civil life in the name of the war on terror

The ineluctable decline of democracy and democratic institutions.

These achievements are shining examples of the wondrous benefits of such leadership. We certainly should hold up the emperor in our prayers and salutations.

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