Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Emperor has No Clothes

The Administration of George W. Bush is apparently unraveling. It is as if the incompetence of his “reign” has surpassed a threshold beyond which the veneer of composed and effective leadership can no longer be maintained. This government has shown itself to be riddled with corruption at every level reaching as high as the Vice President. Even the national media can no longer protect the American people from the reality of this administration. The monumental and incredible conspiracy of lies and misstatements typifying the entire adventure in Iraq and the horrendous mismanagement of the lethal effects of Hurricane Katrina shattered any lingering hope the public may have had regarding the legitimacy of this president.

There are even some reports suggesting that George W Bush has grown increasingly unstable. Whether or not such assertions are correct, the policies and practices of this administration are a cause of concern for our neighbors on this vulnerable planet. Far more importantly, the very vitality of this nation is under siege. It is time for this ersatz leader to be convinced by overwhelming public outcry to step down, since the Congress can not be expected to act courageously on behalf of the people they are supposed to represent.

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