Friday, September 23, 2005


In my estimation, George W. Bush is undoubtedly the worst president in my lifetime and may prove to be a candidate for the worst president in the nation’s history. In his short “reign” he has managed to convert a national surplus into an inexorably mounting national debt that not only haunts this generation but will impact generations to come.

Under the tutelage of this president, we have embarked on an illegal and unjustified war against Iraq that has left tens of thousands of Iraqi and many American soldiers dead. There are apparently tens of thousands of grievously wounded American soldiers that have been victimized by this war: they have become an invisible army of handicapped veterans. In a cavalier attempt to use overwhelming force to achieve political and economic ends, this president has managed to propel Iraqi society into such chaos that it could easily escalate into a bloody civil war. This president and those who constitute his advisors and cabinet are extremist ideologues whose vision of an invincible and impenetrable American empire has quite successfully propelled this nation into a pariah status as far as many peoples and nations around the world are concerned.

In regards to domestic affairs, the situation is as deplorable. This administration, with its belief in the primacy of wealth and power, has instituted policies that are essentially inimical to the interests of the vast majority of American citizens. We have seen the gradual dismantling of environmental protections, the steady rise of individuals lacking health insurance, the rise in poverty especially amongst our nation’s children and the decay of basic infrastructure. All of these realities are a direct result of the massive transfer of public monies to private interests. The catastrophe that occurred in New Orleans as a result of hurricane Katrina exemplifies the utter disdain and disregard the ruling class has for the plight of so many Americans.

The question I would like to pose is the following: where has the Congress been during all of this? In a truly representative government, members of Congress are supposed to be public servants; they are supposed to address the needs of all of the people and not simply cater to those who distribute money and favors. The fact that particularly arouses my anger is that even with the backdrop of the plight of so many displaced individuals on the Gulf coast and the staggering public debt, many members of Congress continue to push for ever expanding tax cuts for the wealthy and the abolition of the estate tax. This is inconceivable to me and points to the extent to which the Congress has become corrupted by the influence and power of wealth.

I urge you and your colleagues to gather political courage and use your office to begin to deal with the issues that plague this country: issues that, if left unattended will bring ruin to this nation. The issues of an unjust war, an ever-expanding national debt, a declining natural environment, abysmal health care, increasing poverty, disintegrating infrastructure and declining wages represent problems that must be addressed if future generations are to live fulfilling lives. The Congress, in my view, has been wholly negligent in regards to its reason for being.

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