Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The Gulf States have been severely impacted by the hurricane Katrina. The economic devastation to this region is extensive. The federal government, in its infinite wisdom, has left the states of Louisiana, Alabama and Florida with a diminished national guard contingent and reduced emergency equipment on account of the fact that many of these personnel and equipment have been transported to Iraq for the illegal conflict that is ensuing there.

In addition, the national treasury has been drained by the not only the war but also the ruinous fiscal policy of this administration which has shifted vast amounts of public monies to private hands. There are, therefore, inadequate resources to deal with this horrendous national disaster. In this nation brimming with wealth, the unfortunate victims of the effects of Katrina will probably have to rely on voluntary agencies like the American Red Cross to return to some degree of normalcy in their lives. This is yet another example of the monumental incompetence of this president and administration. I believe that George W. Bush is probably the worst president that this nation has ever had.

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