Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Counterintuitive Society

• Wealth accumulated by those who least require it
• The wealthy subsidized by the taxes and the cheap labor and services provided by those who are the most needy
• Corporate interests satisfied at the expense of the natural environment and the health and well being of the society at large
• Productivity proclaimed as absolutely essential to the national security while health care is outside the reach of those who are essentially responsible for the labor that ensures economic growth and potential
• National economic resources squandered on war and the machinery and weaponry that makes modern industrial warfare possible while the nation suffers from a disintegrating infrastructure, poorly financed schools, homelessness, malnourished children and an abysmal health care system for those other than the well-to-do
• Capital (profit) and so-called free markets held up as the real national deities while politicians pander to christian true believers
• A system of taxation that effectively transfers wealth from those who lack sufficient economic resources to those who already have far more than they need
• A president and Congress corrupted and paid for by the real power brokers.

Go figure!

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