Friday, August 19, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the Power of a Mother's Love

Cindy’s Sheehan’s courage in opposing the disastrous policies of the current administration in regards to Iraq is not unlike that of those who spear headed the civil rights movement in a previous era. The women that come to mind are Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks.

Cindy has personally endured the greatest loss a mother can face: the untimely death of her son. She is the one most acutely aware of what she has lost and what human potential has been prematurely terminated as a direct result of this nation’s criminal aggression against another sovereign state. An aggression based on a foundation of preposterous lies. An aggression perpetrated for the purpose of expanding American economic and military hegemony into the Middle East.

Bush’s refusal to acknowledge the significance and reality of this mother’s pain is indicative of his own inability to comprehend the real meaning of war beneath the empty rhetoric he is so fond of using. If this man is so convinced of the rightness of the conflagration he has begun and continues to sustain at great cost to the peoples of Iraq and this country, then he should encourage his own daughters to put aside their own mundane predilections and enlist in the armed forces and do their part in “spreading democracy” at the point of a very large gun.

It is my hope that Cindy Sheehan’s audacity and strength of character will provide the spark that will ignite massive opposition to this President and ultimately divert this nation from its current path. We will not endure for long as a people under the dark clouds of perpetual war and conflagration.

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