Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What is Art?

One of the aspects of the American culture that contributes to its backwardness is the degree to which the arts are under-funded and under-appreciated. I can not imagine a society, in which art is absent. Such a civilization would be remarkably sterile and repressed. A culture without art hovers at the abyss of the pathological. Without the release and outlet for human creativity and imagination that art provides, humanity would explode into a frenzy of chaos and dissolution.


Art is a lonely business,
its fire rebukes the tepid reality
of casual behaviors.
it is a fire
that always must be fed,
it is ravenous,
it is contemptuous of compromise.

Art is a deadly endeavor,
its ultimate goal
to consume itself,
to come to the final resting place
of definitive union with being.

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