Friday, July 08, 2005

An Open letter to George W. Bush and Tony Blair

The two of you are in fact directly responsible for the wholesale murder of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens and thousands upon thousands of Iraqi soldiers whose only crime was attempting to defend their country against the onslaught of the awesome weaponry of industrial warfare. You jointly pursued an illegal and unjustified war using a rationale based on a tissue of lies and fabrications. The extent of this terrible deception is only now being revealed. The Iraqi people and the thousands of young Americans who have been used as pawns in this deadly imperialistic game of power have found their lives irrevocably ended or seriously damaged in both body and spirit.

Added to the list of this carnage are those London citizens killed or injured by the most recent bombing. Both of you should share responsibility for these deaths as well, for you have created a deadly war that can engulf us all. You are both pathetic and cowardly creatures who now hide behind the false patriotism you espouse. It is a war you wanted, and now it is a war that is becoming full blown thanks to your collective will to power.

It was Hannah Arendt who once defined evil as the indifference to human suffering. You are not only indifferent to human suffering but have put into motion the horrible machinery of modern warfare that has plagued untold numbers of human beings with indescribable horror and suffering.

If there was, in fact, international justice, you would both find yourselves on trial for crimes against humanity of the most perverse kind.

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