Monday, May 02, 2005

Wedding Poem

There are as many facets to love between humans as there are nuances in the ways in which a tree dances in a windstorm.


A look,
a placement of the hand on the table,
an affectionate inclination of the heart,
a soft word of comfort,
a smile warm enough to melt permafrost,
the strong beating of the heart.

The following is the poem I and Julia read to each other on our wedding day:

We are entwined
like coral in an ancient liquid ocean,
like fabric on a golden loom,
like the moon suspended in its firmament.

We are crafted from the
same sensuous threads,
our hearts light and giddy with life,
our bodies strong with their
sense of endeavor.

We are struck by the same sadness
that rebukes human folly,
we are both fragile,
dear to ourselves
and each other.

We are fellow time travelers
companions through the
tumultuous sea of living.

We navigate through the
vagaries of time and
the unexpected challenges
of experience.

We are angered by injustice,
and hunger,
inequality and abuse,
yet sustained by love
as if by magic.

It is a shimmering and
wondrous path
we travel on,

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