Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yet Another Example of Bush's Allegiance to Corporate Power

Our fearless leader signed into law yesterday yet another piece of legislation designed to directly benefit the corporate interests that have propelled him into power. This time it is the banks and credit card companies who stand to benefit. Using highly erroneous double-speak language he claimed that this legislation is designed to protect the poor by making credit more accessible to them.

This, of course, flies in the face of the real intent and consequences of this legislation. The people that will be most profoundly impacted by this bill are those with huge medical bills as a result of not being able to afford medical insurance. It is this same administration along with a highly corrupt Congress that refuses to deal with the fact that over 47 million individuals in this country lack health insurance.

Many Democrats as well as Republicans voted for this bill indicating the degree to which they are beholding to corporate interests. Truly representative government has gone the way of the dinosaurs and can only be resurrected when people insist on change.

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