Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hope for the Future

I am an empiricist by nature and a progressive by temperament. I am essentially an optimist. It is my fervent hope that many of my countrymen will begin to see how they are being terribly exploited by those who have the power to direct the fate of so many. I expect that one day, they will shed their sheep-like ways and think for themselves. Rather than passively appropriate the language and dogmatic pronouncements hurled at them by those who presume to lead, they will begin to act in their own best interests. I hope that day will soon come not for me as much as the generations that are destined to follow.

It is not difficult to see that if the current rate of deterioration of the national fabric continues, our descendents will inherit a barren and forsaken land populated by a sequestered class of the rich surrounded by an overwhelming majority of struggling and suffering people. This, of course, would be entirely unsustainable and would lead to a final and irrevocable collapse. I truly expect that this possible future will be circumvented when people finally recognize their own power and usher in a time when reason and sanity prevail.

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