Monday, April 25, 2005

The Erosion of American Democracy

There is a movement by the powerful in this country with the help of the government to dismantle completely the democratic infrastructure upon which this country was supposedly based. Although the creators of the Constitution never intended the "common" people to hold the reigns of power, they at least crafted the Bill of Rights to declare and protect the rights of the individual at least as they saw them. For a more complete accounting of the myths that enshroud this country and effectively disguise the real politic, please read my book entitled, America and the Mythology of Greatness.

The neo-conservatives, who now hold political power in this country, due in large part to the unflinching and loyal support of the fanatical Christian movement, are promulgating a series of strategies that they hope will institute a one party system in this country. They are using extremist tactics, embodied in their rhetoric, that attempts to paint the Democratic and especially the progressive movement that opposes their policies as enemies of the State and by inference enemies of the distorted Christianity that they espouse.

They are cynically using language such as: family values, right to life and the sanctity of life to arouse the emotions of their fanatical Christian base much like the Third Reich used the Brown Shirts to intimidate the German population of fascist Germany. All this used to disguise the complete usurpation of political power by the corporate elite. The goal of all of this posturing and extremist language is to institute an oligarchy in place of real democracy. This has not happened overnight, but is the culmination of a continual process that spans many decades of the nation's history.

A relatively new player in this strategy is the national media, which has gradually been subsumed by a handful of corporations. Journalism which is supposed to function as the people's watchdog guarding against the abuses of government has become a mouthpiece for the government. In this way the American people have been kept ignorant of the dangerous changes that are taking place in the very fabric of American society.

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